Roller management system

Manage your rollers with the countroll® platform

Identify your rollers

Scan your labeled roller with the free Android app to get access to all information about your roller and cover history.

Scan the countroll® QR code

Enter the countroll® ID manually

Enter your own roller ID


Get access to your roller cover history

countroll® partner manufacturers can add events to your roller timeline.

Recovering & regrinding events

Know what the history and current state of the roller is.

Cover diameter

The diameter after recovering or regrinding.

Cover quality

Product name, hardness and color of the cover.

Consult your roller documents

Scan your roller, open the event on the timeline and view your documents.

Label data
Inspection report
Cover technical data sheet
Roller core plan
Balancing report

Add your own custom events

Use this section to show off one of your features in great detail. You can add a list of bullet-points with custom icons, checkmarks and a product display.

Repaired, quality control, location, mounted,...

Add a custom event to your roller timeline, each packed with multiple data fields.

Attach photos, audio and files to an event

Attach a photo with your smartphone camera, or record the audio of a rotating roller.

Private events by default, but can also be public

Custom events can only be seen by your company, but you can share them with your manufacturer.

Free Web Portal

Access your roller data on your computer or tablet. There are multiple ways you can locate your roller:

Search on countroll® roller ID
Search on your own roller ID
Search on manufacturer sales order number
Search on your own order number
Search on work order
Search on invoice number