All in one cloud platform to manage and monitor in real time your roller data


Our solutions

Asset management system

Instant synchronization mobile app & web portal

Monitoring system

Rotations counter + vibration analysis

Measurement system

Nip alignment + crown correction

Benefits of countroll®

Identify & know your own rollers

Scan the countroll® label with your smartphone and access technical plan, cover inspection report and cover data sheet. Use your smartphone or use the Web Portal.

Monitor your roller lifecycle & performance

Track recovering and regrinding events. Track OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Pinpoint roller operational exceptions.

Track roller position in machine or in stock

Manage your rollers based on GPS coordinates or own positions in machine structure.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay


Free for customers of roller manufacturers

€0/ mo
  • Access all individual roller & covering data
  • Search for rollers
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Manage and monitor your rollers

€1/ roller/mo
  • Access all individual roller & covering data
  • Search, filter and sort rollers
  • Create timeline by adding manual events
  • Overview of all rollers
  • Upload pictures and documents to events (drag & drop)
  • Create and edit a company tree structure
  • Add physical location to rollers
  • Edit core properties and add roller description
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