Smart monitoring system for rollers

countroll® TAG

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What is the countroll® TAG?

The countroll® TAG is a micro chip that allows you to get all the information you need about your roller and roller coverings with your smartphone.

Fix the tag on the roller axle or the flange and scan it with the countroll® application to quickly get the unique identification of your roller and roller covering.

This identification gives you immediate access to all the roller data you need, including basic label data, technical data sheet, inspection reports and technical drawings.

The tag also allows the countroll® application to build up a history of the roller and its alterations, such as production, recovering, regrinding, mechanical repair and storage.

The countroll® TAG is easy to install and has no impact on the mechanical performance of the roller.

Small steps, big results.

How does it work?

Look for

the countroll® TAG


the countroll® TAG
with the countroll® APP


the roller data
you need

What are the benefits?


Wireless & powerless

Easy & quick access
to roller data:

  • timeline
  • label data
  • inspection report
  • technical data sheet
  • technical plan

The countroll® APP

Get quick access

to your roller data
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The countroll® application features a user-friendly interface and navigation, giving you quick and easy access to the inspection reports, label data, technical plans and technical data sheets. The historical timeline feature is a unique tool that allows you to manage and track your roller production, alteration, repair and storage location. Download your free app in the Google Play Store.

Technical specifications countroll® TAG

Dimension / weight 20 x 2,5 mm / 1,3 gram
Material Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
Resistant to chemicals Solvents, acids, oils, ketones, …
Applicable Surface Material Metals, rubbers, PU, …
Read/Write temperature limit -25 to +70 °C
Ambient temperature limit* -55 to +125 °C
Cyclic peak temperature limit** +160 °C
Memory data retention > 10 years at 22 °C
Memory write cycles > 100.000 cycles at 22 °C
* Continuous
** Tested on production cycles of 5 to 6 hours at high temperature