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SensorWireless condition monitoring

Collecting data starts with measuring right at the source. Therefore countroll® developed a unique wireless sensor that measures the movements of rotating rollers while being attached to it. It’s the only sensor in the market that can record multiple parameters and use a smartphone as a gateway, which means no additional gateway or multiple sensor costs.

This sensor helps you gaining insight into your machine line, optimize your production process and increase productivity based on the continuous condition monitoring. Data analysis, anomaly detection and diagnostics of your roller and machine condition opens the door to preventive and predictive maintenance.


  • Available in static and rotational version
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (wireless)
  • Designed to meet the harsh conditions of an industrial environment: high resistance to temperature (85°C), chemicals & solvents, water and dust (IP 68)
  • Frequency: 1600 Hz
  • Easy to mount thanks to its ergonomic screw shape
  • Built-in accelerometer & temperature sensor
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All-in one sensor

  • Downtime & operating hours count
  • Rotation count
  • Direction of rotation registration
  • Rotation & linear speed registration
  • Max acceleration & deceleration registration
  • Ambient temperature registration
  • Vibration measurement
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Easy access to your sensor monitoring data through to the countroll® web portal:

The read-out of the sensor does not require any software installation. Its user interface can be visualized directly using a web browser.

Just use your phone as a gateway to transfer sensor data to the web portal.

Web portal features:

  • Dashboard consultation: temperature, rotation, speed, acceleration & deceleration, lifecycle
  • Raw data condition consultation and export to csv. or xlsx.
  • Roller anomaly detection
  • Roller diagnostics
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Prescriptive analytics & estimations of roller conditions


How it works

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