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Manage and monitor your roller data
to optimize your workflow & production process

If you want to gain insight into your industrial rollers and optimize your production flow, countroll® is the ideal secure solution.

Countroll® offers, thanks to its integrated hardware and software,
3 optimization solutions for your rollers:

  • a roller management system: QR tag & software
  • a roller monitoring system: Sensor & software
  • a roller measurement system: Nip & software

The advantages of countroll

Optimize your production process and automate your workflow thanks to the integrated countroll® solutions.

  • Time saving

    Gain time and increase your efficiency by consulting and managing all your roller data and documents in the blink of an eye, wherever you are at any time!

  • Workload reducing

    Reduce your activities by automating your roller processes thanks to our monitoring and measurement solutions.

  • Cost saving

    Thanks to the continuous analysis of your roller data, countroll® will help you improve your productivity and reduce your operational costs.

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Our softwareGet quick access to your roller data

Our cloud-based software, especially developed for rollers, consist of the countroll® mobile app and web portal to consult, to manage and to analyse your roller data with an optimal user experience.

The software offers powerful features like timeline creation, asset localization, sensor graphs, roller data editing & overview, … As data is knowledge, software data security and protection is key for countroll®.

Our solutions


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Satisfied customers

We’ve been working with countroll® the past year and found them to be a great added value. As we have a lot of rollers it is sometimes hard to get a clear overview.
Since we use the platform it is much more easy to find all the information we need at once, which saves us a lot of time.

Tom H. - FutureFactory

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Want to improve your workflow & production process?