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Our softwareQuick acces to your roller data on every device

Our cloud-based software, especially developed for rollers, consist of the countroll® mobile app and web portal to consult, to manage and to analyse your roller data with an optimal user experience.

The software offers powerful features like timeline creation, asset localization, sensor graphs, roller data editing & overview, … As data is knowledge, software data security and protection is key for countroll®.

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1. The appWork smarter, save time and add value

The countroll® application features a user friendly interface and navigation, giving you the possibility to access and manage all roller and covering data.

  • easy and quick access to roller data & documents
  • creation of timelines & locations
  • nip & crown consulting
  • sensor configuration
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2. The web portal

The countroll® web portal has been developed to consult and manage all your roller and covering data gathered from different sources in a quick and easy way like : label, nip and sensor data, manual input, integration with existing ERP systems.

Explore the power of this intuitive roller management and monitoring system with extended features like :

  • timeline creation
  • localization
  • notifications & alerts
  • sensor data aggregation and graphical visualisation
  • extended search, filter and sorting possibilities
  • uploading pictures & document to events (drag & drop)
  • xlsx. and csv. export
  • secured access and data protection

Satisfied customers

We’ve been working with countroll® the past year and found them to be a great added value. As we have a lot of rollers it is sometimes hard to get a clear overview.
Since we use the platform it is much more easy to find all the information we need at once, which saves us a lot of time.

Tom H. - FutureFactory

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